Bombers Official Headband

Bombers Official Headband

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This headband is a great addition to our headwear line.  We call it the "Basic" headband as it doesn't have the self-tie back, or a thick front. It is uniform and even thickness throughout and perfectly round and fits right over the forehead to the back of their head.  Its a very comfy and silky item.

It comes in 2 sizes:  Small and Large.  

The Small is meant for youth as little as toddlers.
Large for adults age 12+ recommended.  

The item is very stretchy and fits most with ease. 

Measurements when laid down flat
Small: 2" tall x 8" wide
Large: 2.25" tall x 8.5" wide

Note: This item is sold per piece
, not by the pair. 

Material: 88% polyester, 12% spandex